22 Jul 2021
What is a Diamond Laser Inscription?
A diamond laser inscription is a combination of letters and numbers engraved into the stone, usually on the girdle
19 Jul 2021
What is SYNTHdetect XL (De Beers)-IIDGR
The SYNTHdetect XL, built by the world's largest diamond mining firm, the De Beers group, is Glorious Diamonds' most advanced CVD (Lab Grown or Man Made) diamond testing system.
19 Jul 2021
What is the Rapaport Price in diamond market?
The Rapaport Price List is a worldwide standard that diamond dealers use to set pricing in all of the major marketplaces.
18 Jun 2021
What is a fancy color diamond?
Diamonds falling off from D to Z are usually called Fancy Color Diamonds or Fancy Diamonds.
16 Jun 2021
Gia Inclusion Characteristics
Clarity refers to the surface imperfections (blemishes) and interior (inclusions) characteristics of a polished diamond. These imperfections and flaws are referred to jointly as the diamond's clarity
16 Jun 2021
What is fluorescence, exactly?
which is visible light. Approximately one-third of all diamonds glow under ultraviolet light, fluorescence diamonds are visible under UV light in darkness.
14 Jun 2021
Diamond Shape Buying Tips & Guide : Let's Finding your favorite diamond shape | Glorious Diamond
Learn more about The most popular diamonds & different diamond shapes : round diamond shape, heart diamond shape , princess, cushion, emerald, and others.
09 Jun 2021
Tripple Excellent Diamond (3EX)
WHAT IS TRIPLE EXCELLENT DIAMOND IN GIA CERTIFICATE? "TRIPLE EXCELLENT" refers to diamonds that have received the GIA's highest grading in three categories: Cut, Polish, and Symmetry.
09 Jun 2021
GIA 4 C’s Diamond
Every diamond has its own unique characteristics. The 4Cs — Color, Clarity, Diamond Cut , and Carat weight —are the internationally acknowledged standards for determining a diamond
07 May 2021
Natural diamond
Learn how to buy and calculate Natural diamond price Before decision spend money

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